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Regen token


REGEN token is a utility token powering an application specific blockchain for global climate finance.

REGEN Token Economics

Regen Ledger is a sovereign, proof-of-stake blockchain built on the Cosmos SDK. REGEN is a staking token, providing Regen Ledger with utility - namely, fees, gas, governance and security.

REGEN token is designed to ensure utility for ecological data and climate markets. Regen Network is governed as a public blockchain by token holders.

REGEN token will accrue value from transaction fees on ecological assets and other transactions originated and secured on-chain.

To learn more about Regen Network token economics, please read our whitepaper.

REGEN token on Osmosis Decentralized Exchange

Release date: July 2021

REGEN tokens are now available on the Osmosis Decentralized Exchange and Gravity Decentralized Exchange via Emeris. Token holders may also participate in providing liquidity in REGEN:ATOM pools and REGEN:OSMO (Osmosis only) pools.

REGEN total token supply

The total supply at mainnet launch was 100 million tokens.

Block Explorer

Explore mainnet blocks, transactions and validators live on the Aneka block explorer!

aneka block explorer


Staking/delegating is a critical function to secure Regen Ledger, participate in community governance and support the growth and development of Regen Network. Staking also generates rewards for delegators. Staking tokens accrue yields between 7% and 40% annual percentage yield (APY).

To learn more about staking REGEN tokens, please read our FAQ below.

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