Regen token

$REGEN Token

$REGEN is the native governance token for Regen Network's digital carbon and ecological credit blockchain.

$REGEN Token

$REGEN is the native governance token for Regen Network's blockchain. It is heavily influenced by the design of the Cosmos' native coin, $ATOM, but adapted for the use of the digital carbon and ecological credit market.

$REGEN is used to provide network security, facilitate on-chain governance, and pay on-chain transaction fees. Inflationary rewards from $REGEN are used to compensate validators for their work to maintain the network, as well as delegators who financially back the network by purchasing and staking $REGEN.

To learn more about Regen Network token economics, please read our whitepaper.

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$REGEN Liquidity Pools

Available on Osmosis decentralized exchange

In addition to staking $REGEN, token holders may also place $REGEN into liquidity pools on Osmosis DEX. This provides the necessary liquidity for $REGEN to be traded on the DEX and earns the token holder rewards.

There are two trading pairs for $REGEN on Osmosis DEX, REGEN:ATOM and REGEN:OSMO. Token holders may add liquidity to either pool and earn a small return from swap fees. Token holders may earn additional rewards by bonding their tokens and locking them in the liquidity pool for periods of 1, 7, or 14 days. Through super fluid staking functionality, token holders can simultaneously stake a portion of their tokens with a traditional validator, earning additional rewards.

$REGEN Mainnet Token Supply

The total supply at mainnet launch was 100 million tokens.


Block Explorer

Explore mainnet blocks, transactions and validators live on the Aneka and Mintscan block explorers!

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Staking $REGEN Tokens & Governance

Staking or delegating $REGEN is an important part of being a community member and supporting Regen Network. Not only do staked tokens allow you to participate in Regen Network governance, but they help cover infrastructure costs for validators, who take a small commission on inflationary rewards from delegated tokens. When you stake $REGEN, you will earn 10-30% APR (pending market trends) on your investment.

If you’re new to Regen Network, get started by creating a Regen wallet and acquiring your first $REGEN. Then follow our guides below for staking $REGEN and earning inflationary rewards!

How to stake $REGEN →

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$REGEN plays a key role in Regen Network governance. Community members with staked $REGEN are able to vote on community governance proposals, which are used to make changes to software code and procedure, utilize Community Spend funds for project development, elect community members to governance roles, govern the Regen Registry and its credit standards, and find consensus on questions facing the network.

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