Meet our team.

We are developers, ecologists, scientists, and designers from all over the world, bound by our common purpose of planetary regeneration. Feel free to connect with us.

Meet our team.

We are developers, ecologists, scientists, and designers from all over the world, bound by our common purpose of planetary regeneration. Feel free to connect with us.

Our Team

backgroundChristian Shearer

Christian Shearer

Chief Executive Officer

Christian has worked in ecological agriculture for 15 years, primarily with farmers in Southeast Asia. As a co-founder of Terra Genesis International, he worked with natural products brands, helping them to invest into creating regenerative supply systems. Christian is passionate about accelerating the adoption of regenerative agriculture. He is a member of the Board of Directors.

backgroundSara Johnstone

Sara Johnstone

Chief Operations Officer

Sara is strategic operator and executor who has over a decade of experience in tech startups. She runs marketing, operations, community management, strategy and business development. She is thrilled to have recently found her way into regenerative agriculture and committed to expanding her knowledge around regenerative business practices.

backgroundAaron Craelius

Aaron Craelius

Chief Technical Officer

Aaron brings a depth of software development experience, including desktop programming in C++ and C#, back-end and front-end web development, and embedded and FPGA work. As an avid environmentalist, harnessing technology to benefit the planet and its inhabitants has been a long-time dream.

backgroundGregory Landua

Gregory Landua

Chief Regeneration Officer

Gregory is co-author of Regenerative Enterprise and co-creator of the 8-forms of capital framework. Gregory is a Regenerative Agriculture Practitioner and farmer. As co-founder and CEO of Terra Genesis International, he helped to grow an ecosystem of organizations dedicated to regenerative agriculture. Gregory is a member of the Board of Directors.

backgroundRon Steinherz

Ron Steinherz

Vice President of Product

Ron brings deep expertise in Product Management and Operations from 10+ years in Silicon Valley and Israel, working to develop product innovations such as Web Conferencing, Telecommunications, Internet Connectivity and FinTech. He is passionate about leveraging technology for social and environmental impact.

backgroundSarah Baxendell

Sarah Baxendell

Director of Finance

Sarah specializes in ecological design, product development, and green finance. For the past decade, she has worked at the intersection of start-ups and community-based nonprofits to develop impact-centric ecological projects. She was most recently the Executive Director of Hilltop Urban Farm, the largest urban farming project in the United States.

backgroundCory Levinson

Cory Levinson

Senior Technical Project Manager

Cory is a software engineer and technical product manager who gained experience in data infrastructure at SoundCloud before moving into blockchain in 2017. He is an alumni of Strelka Institute in Moscow, and was recently in residence at Recurse Center working on a Rust client for the off-grid solarpunk social network, Secure Scuttlebutt, before joining the Regen team.

backgroundDr Gisel Booman

Dr Gisel Booman

Lead Scientist

Dr. Booman, PhD Biological Sciences, Landscape Ecology, leads the integration process between the Ecological State Protocols development and the current state of remote sensing. Dr. Booman is experienced with GIS, ecosystem services, and nonpoint pollution/runoff assessments. Dr. Booman lives with her family in Argentina.

backgroundDavid Fortson

David Fortson

Director of Marketing

David is the co-founder and CEO of LOACOM, a marketing and movement building agency working with better world companies. Joining Regen Network at its inception, David and the LOACOM team support marketing, movement-building, events, sales, fund development, and strategy. David has worked for over a decade in the regenerative agricultural movement.

backgroundMarie Gauthier

Marie Gauthier

Senior Software Engineer

Marie is an ecologically committed full-stack developer with a great interest in permaculture. She has been developing web and mobile applications for more than 5 years. She values transparency, fairness and sustainability through the projects she works on. She truly believes in Regen’s mission to promote regenerative agriculture.

backgroundAmaury Martiny

Amaury Martiny

Senior Software Engineer

Currently working on the Cosmos SDK, Amaury’s MSc degree in Computer Science informs his full-stack work in blockchain and web development. Previously at Parity Technologies, Amaury values decentralization, privacy and open-source, and is very passionate about tackling the climate emergency.

backgroundRobert Zaremba

Robert Zaremba

Senior Software Engineer

MSC in CS, seasoned in solution architecture, data intelligence, smart contracts and applied cryptography. His professional interest covers FinTech, ESG factors and Consumer Sovereignty. Being a CTO of startups, and working for international companies, he is well disposed towards Lean Workflows. Robert is leading a blockchain community in Geneva.

backgroundJared Smith

Jared Smith

Front End Developer

Jared is a frontend developer who loves computers and the wild world. Jared has been involved with blockchain since 2011. He built one of the ETH RPG games. As both a farmer and developer, he feels extremely lucky to serve ecological regeneration with Regen Network.

backgroundEmily Rogers

Emily Rogers

Marketing Coordinator

Emily is a digital marketing maven and visual storyteller passionate about utilizing her skills to help build a better world. With a background in environmental stewardship, digital marketing, and design, Emily supports Regen Network's marketing and communications to build momentum around blockchain's unique capacity to regenerate the planet.

backgroundJames Pittman

James Pittman

Senior Ecological Economist

James has over 20 years of experience in whole systems design, triple bottom line accounting, and sustainability strategy with a focus on land management and agriculture. He specializes in the development of innovative strategies and incentive mechanisms for carbon asset management, ecosystem service payments, and regenerative natural capital investment finance.

backgroundErika Logie

Erika Logie

UI/UX Designer

Erika has 13+ years of experience as a UX and UI Designer, and focuses on projects that create positive change for people and planet. Over the last 7 years she has been involved in the decentralized startup scene as a designer for Yellow Seed, a conscious trade platform for cacao, NuMundo, a conscious travel platform, and Producers Market, a marketplace for empowering farmers.

backgroundSophia Leiker

Sophia Leiker

Data Scientist and GIS Analyst

Sophia is a geospatial researcher with experience employing remote sensing techniques and GIS analysis to address environmental inquiries. An alumni of UC Berkeley, Sophia has worked as a researcher for NASA DEVELOP, where she led projects studying geospatial applications. She supports the science team in methodology development and project management.

backgroundSam Bennetts

Sam Bennetts

Data Scientist and GIS Analyst

Sam is a GIS and remote sensing specialist focused on designing programmatic solutions to geospatial problems. Sam's work includes urbanization, land cover change studies, glacier dynamics, and sea level rise. Recently, Sam worked with residents in Vermont to develop methods for carbon sequestration in hardwood forests that address climate change.

backgroundAdriana Mihai

Adriana Mihai

Blockchain Community Liason

Adriana is a long term community contributor of the @cosmos ecosystem, helping Regen with community awareness through “Last/This week in Regen”. She believes that humanity is at a critical breaking point and Regen’s project on ecological regeneration acts as a beacon of light by adding value to the worldwide efforts in saving the world.


backgroundDaniel Swid

Daniel Swid


Daniel has contributed to the foundational success of 5 technology startups and has worked in Silicon Valley, Israel, and Asia Pacific. At VMware R&D he founded the prototyping practice and has a gift for scaling and accelerating early stage teams.

backgroundEthan Frey

Ethan Frey


Ethan Frey has years of experience in distributed systems, cryptography, customer-oriented web design, and blockchain. And a strong desire to build something meaningful to humankind. He is delighted to combine these passions at Regen Network.

backgroundClare Politano

Clare Politano


Clare is a software engineer dedicated to a regenerative future. She is the co-founder of PayCheck, a transparency and pay equity platform. Clare previously worked in refugee resettlement, sustainable manufacturing, and nutrition and food advocacy.

backgroundKyle Birchard

Kyle Birchard

Ecological Economist

Kyle works at the intersection of economics and natural resource management. In recent years, he has helped estimate the benefits of watershed restoration in the San Francisco Bay, measured the impacts of drought on agriculture in arid lands, and provided support for an environmental finance initiative in Washington state.

backgroundWill Szal

Will Szal


Will’s background in gift economics and local food systems helped him to start PVGrows, a network in Western MA funding local food system infrastructure, and develop a license for definancializing physical infrastructure, the Gift License. Will is a member of the Board of Directors.

backgroundPete Farmer

Pete Farmer


After nearly thirty years of software development, mostly in finance and insurance, the telco sector, and several tech startups, Pete finds that plying his craft in the service of planetary regeneration to be refreshingly worthwhile. He supports front and back-end development activities.

backgroundBrecht Deriemaeker

Brecht Deriemaeker

Co-founder, Engineer

Brecht is a seasoned field engineer with a love for appropriate technology, previously with The Blueprint Alliance. Strong focus on systems design and rapid iterative testing. MS Electromechanical Engineering, MS Industrial & Product Design.


backgroundBrian Fox

Brian Fox

Open Source and Technology Architecture

Kano.ONE Founder, Orchid Labs Co-Founder, is a serial entrepreneur, technologist, investor, and musician. Brian was the first employee of the Free Software Foundation and the creator of Bash, a key component of every modern operating system, and used by millions of developers world wide. Brian is active in the open source election system community.

backgroundAlex Kehaya

Alex Kehaya

Market Fit and Business Development

Alex is an accomplished entrepreneur, investor, and educator with deep experience in startup investment, acceleration, and growth as a partner, angel investor, and advisor to diverse businesses. He is passionate about social impact businesses capable of driving change at the intersection of privacy, democracy, education, human rights, and technology.

backgroundGarette Furo

Garette Furo

Business Development and Blockchain Economics

Garrette knows that ecological auditing and distributed networks are paramount to capitalism in the twenty-first century. Garrette has worked with family offices and private equity funds on ESG classification and blockchain tech. Garrette has held positions as a neuroscientist at Columbia University (CUMC), a U.S. Bitcoin ETF applicant, miner, and investor in emerging industries.

backgroundAndrew Nannini

Andrew Nannini

Investment Adviser and Business Development

Andrew Nannini is the CIO of a family office specializing in investments across all asset classes and regions. Prior to this, Andrew worked for an equity hedge fund in Brazil focusing on emerging market companies. He started his career in Credit Suisse’s Asset Management divisions and holds a BA from Wesleyan University and a MBA from New York University.