Aaron Craelius


Aaron has worked in a wide range of areas including desktop programming in C++ and C#, back-end and front-end web development, and embedded and FPGA work. As an avid environmentalist, harnessing the technology to benefit the planet and its inhabitants has been a long-time dream.

Christian Shearer


At age 24, Christian founded the most well-known permaculture education center in South East Asia, the Panya Project. As a co-founder and COO of Terra Genesis International and Regen Network, he combines his whole-systems project management experience with his passion for transformation of our social systems.

Gregory Landua


Gregory is co-author of Regenerative Enterprise and co-creator of the 8-forms of capital framework. Gregory is a Regenerative Agriculture Practitioner and farmer. As co-founder and CEO of Terra Genesis International, he has helped grow an ecosystem of organizations dedicated to regenerative agriculture.

Sara De Moitie

Product Development

Sara taught a design thinking master's course at Aalto and Stanford University before quitting her job to travel the world while working on organic farms. She also worked as a UX designer for 358 and Futurice. She brings her awesome creative energy to the team, with a strong focus on user centred design and marketing.

Jared Smith

Frontend Developer

Founder of Jared has managed server clusters, built e-commerce systems and started numerous businesses while traveling the world. He once walked 150 miles through the Northern Rockies with 3 beets and a can of spam. Jared has been fascinated with Crypto since 2011.

Will Szal


For the past ten years, Will has been working and learning in the local food and local economy space. As a graduate of the Learn to Farm Program at the Farm School, he helped start the University of Massachusetts Permaculture Project and the Slow Money group PVGrows.

David Fortson


David is the co-founder and CEO of LoaCom, a movement and marketing firm working with better world companies. David and the LoaCom team joined the Regen Network team to support marketing, movement-building capacity, events, fund development, and strategy.

Clare Politano


Clare is a software engineer dedicated to a regenerative future. She is the co-founder of PayCheck, a transparency and pay equity platform. Clare previously worked in refugee resettlement, sustainable manufacturing, and nutrition and food advocacy.

Brecht Deriemaeker

Co-founder, Engineer

Brecht is a seasoned field engineer with a love for appropriate technology, previously with The Blueprint Alliance. Strong focus on systems design and rapid iterative testing. MS Electromechanical Engineering, MS Industrial & Product Design.

Alyssa Pace

Marketing and Communications

Passionate about food systems, sustainability, and justice, Alyssa supports Regen Network marketing and communications to excite the public about blockchain’s potential to build a better world while respecting the deep-rooted wisdom of global farmers.

Dr. Gisel Booman

Landscape ecologist

With a PHD in remote sensing, Dr. Booman leads the integration process between the Ecological Protocol development and the current state of remote sensing.

Pete Farmer


After nearly thirty years of software development, mostly in finance and insurance, the telco sector, and several tech startups, Pete finds that plying his craft in the service of planetary regeneration to be refreshingly worthwhile. He supports front and back-end development activites.

Daniel Swid

Agile Engineering, Design Process

Daniel has contributed to the foundational success of 5 technology startups and has worked in Silicon Valley, Israel, and Asia Pacific. At VMware R&D he founded the prototyping practice and has a gift for scaling and accelerating early stage teams.

Kyle Birchard

Ecological Economist

Kyle works at the intersection of economics and natural resource management. In recent years, he has helped estimate the benefits of watershed restoration in the San Francisco Bay, measured the impacts of drought on agriculture in arid lands, and provided support for an environmental finance initiative in Washington state.


Brian Fox

Open Source and Technology Architecture

Alex Kehaya

Market Fit and Business Development

Gustav Simonsson

Blockchain and Security

Brigitte Lawler

Organizational Leadership

Greg Austic

Open Hardware

Wendell Davis

Special Advisor

Rick Dudley

Blockchain Architecture

Dorn Cox

Open Data for Agriculture

Ben Best

Environmental Data Scientist

Matyas Rada

Earth Observation Data Scientist

Taras Kazantsev

Plant Biologist, GIS, Remote Sensing

Nosha Assareh

Environmental Technology Scientist

Russell Wallack

Regenerative Agriculture Designer

Luke Smith

Regenerative Agriculture Designer

Amanda Ravenhill

Non-profit Admin Advisor

Garrette Furo

Partnerships and Business Development