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Regen Network is building an open, peer-to-peer scientific data and methodology commons in service to cutting edge earth observation science for climate action

Measuring Ecological Health

Regen Network is empowering an open community of scientists to build and deploy cutting edge methodologies to measure ecological health and make scientifically robust claims. Learn more about our work at our Science page.

Earth observation science, landscape ecology, and our ability to understand complex ecological systems are undergoing a technological revolution. Regen Network is in the vanguard of this movement to put to work climate science data to in the service of regenerative ecosystem conservation and building. We help create and help guide methodolgy development to support the creation of Ecocredits that create income streams for regeneratice projects.

Join our Community Calls, Environmental Stewardship, and DeSci movement in service of better decision-making, better markets, and collective action on climate.

Ecological Outcomes

Animal welfare

Animals play an important role in the maintenance of balance in an ecosystem.

Ecosystem health

Robust ecosystems provide a home for humans, plants, and animals to flourish.

Regen Network

Movement for #DeSci

Phase I

Develop cutting edge earth observation and remote sensing methodologies to verify ecological state.

Phase II

Methodology registry where different methodologies, both mature and nascent, are registered on the Regen Ledger for scientific comparison, peer review and rating.


The Open Technology Ecosystem for Agricultural Management brings together almost two dozen entities—including government agencies, research institutions, nonprofits, and corporations—to build open source tools that improve the ability of farmers and ranchers to make informed management decisions about their land in ways that result in increased landscape health. As a partner in this endeavor, we at Regen are contributing our expertise and technology regarding remote sensing of ecological indicators, durable and interoperable storage of ecological data, and governance of decentralized networks.

Yale OpenLab develops and incubate open source and disruptive projects that seek to address the most pressing big picture challenges. Regen Network has been partnering with their Open Climate project to explore the application of blockchain and other emerging technologies to the challenge of helping the world keep a transparent accounting system as we strive to achieve the climate targets set in the 2015 Paris Agreement (PA).


Science Community

Patrick Lawrence


Dr. Patrick Lawrence is an agroecologist with broad experience in research, technology, and applied science. He is the Owner and Lead Scientist at Repliculture LLC. Patrick works closely with the Cool Farm Alliance, OpenTEAM, and Ecosystem Services Market Consortium.

Patrick Lawrence
Dan Kane
Luke Smith
Dorn Cox
Greg Austic

Join the movement. Invest in regenerating ecosystems.

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