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Regen Network: a global blockchain-based marketplace and contracting platform for Earth’s ecosystem assets, benefits, and data.

Platform for a thriving planet

Every day business has destructive global consequences like climate change, desertification, and resource depletion that affect nearly every aspect of human life. The stewards of our landscapes offer a powerful pathway for reversing climate change and unlocking the largest untapped market in the world: the benefits generated by Earth’s ecosystems.

Regen Network’s marketplace is a new contracting platform for stewards to get rewarded for ecological regeneration projects. By improving the state of our land, oceans, and watersheds and enabling rewards for verified positive changes, Regen Network catalyzes the regeneration of our ecosystems.

Regen Network enables...

Trust by anchoring ecological data on the Regen Ledger blockchain,

Transparency into the science behind the claims,

Accountability in credit issuance, transfer, and retirement,

Flexibility of eco-credit and methodology design, and

Community by governance of the blockchain protocol.

Regen Network is building the platform to help ecological stewards to monetize their ecosystem benefits.


In 2017, Regen Network began building the ecological asset origination system on Regen Ledger. The Regen Network blockchain protocol is maintained by 75 validators and utilized by 20,000+ $REGEN wallet holders. The Community Funding Program supports 40+ projects building in the ecosystem and 20+ methodologies under development in Regen Registry. Regen Foundation incubates the Community Supported DAO program (CSDAO). Along this journey, the RND Inc. team has grown to more than 35+ core members from across the globe.

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Cointelegraph  |  2021-02-01

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