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With the help of our fantastic community and extraordinary team, mainnet is live!

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Mainnet Launch

Release date: April 15, 2021

The Mainnet launch of Regen Network unlocks the next phase of feature developments for planetary regeneration. Initially this means:

  • REGEN token will be live on-chain (with transfers disabled initially)
  • Staking on Regen Ledger will be possible for all token holders
  • On-chain governance activated for planning future upgrades and milestones
  • 2M REGEN tokens allocated at genesis to the Community Pool for governance spending

100% complete

What's Next?

Our engineering team is hard at work on some exciting new features, to be enabled later this year via on-chain governance.



The Cosmos SDK x/authz module implements of ADR-30, allowing the granting of arbitrary privileges from one account (the granter) to another account (the grantee). It is intended to be used in conjunction with the Groups or Fee Grants for various key & fee management use cases.

Fee Grants

Fee Grants

Fee Grants allow accounts to grant fee allowances, enabling others to use fees from their accounts, paving the way for farmers and monitors to file on-chain ecological claims without having to manage their own gas fees.



The Cosmos SDK Group Module enables the creation and management of on chain multisig accounts. Regen Ledger will be using this as the base account for our Community Staking DAOs and for enabling threshold based voting on message execution.



The Ecocredit Module is our module for managing the issuance, trading, and retiring of credits pertaining to verifiable changes in ecosystem health. It’s designed to function as an open platform for credit designers, and will first be used for Regen Network's own CarbonPlus Grasslands credit.



The Data Module is intended to sit alongside the Ecocredit Module, serving as a flexible yet opinionated module for storing complex metadata and registering data schemas pertaining to a ecocredit batch or ecosystem service project.


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