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Regen Ecosystem Fund

Regen Ecosystem Fund (REF) is the ecosystem venture fund of Regen Network. REF will fund the rapid, decentralized global growth of the Regen Network ecosystem.

Regen Ecosystem Fund

Regen Network is a community dedicated to building the Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) markets and foundational climate finance infrastructure to regenerate ecological health, with the carbon markets being our beachhead market. Launched in April of 2021, the Regen Ledger is our open-source Proof-of-Stake ecological blockchain, built on the Cosmos SDK.

The Regen Ecosystem Fund will focus on strategic early-stage investments to accelerate the adoption of Regen Network. This will create a vibrant ecosystem of companies using Regen Ledger and the $REGEN token as their backbone for ecological accounting, eco-credit provisioning, and Payments for Ecosystem Services.

Fund Thesis

Scaling PES markets by at least two orders of magnitude is imperative to meet the existential risk of climate and ecological collapse. We need more than a handful of startups to address these issues—we need an entire economy. Regen Network is poised—across its technical assets and community of builders and land stewards—to serve as the epicenter and springboard for this movement. The Regen Ecosystem Fund strategically invests in primarily software and high growth opportunities in the Regen, Cosmos or adjacent ecosystem in defi, dMRV and eco-fintech.

If the Fund is successful, it will drive the value of the $REGEN token. To keep LP incentives aligned and get them access to this potential upside, the Fund’s portfolio will partially consist of a crypto hedge fund, heavily composed of $REGEN tokens.


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