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Regen Ledger is a public Proof-of-Stake blockchain built on the Cosmos SDK. It’s primary goal is twofold — indexing claims and assertions pertaining to ecological health, and securely tracking a new class of financial assets, called Ecosystem Service Credits, which are tied to measurable changes in ecological health.
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Open Source First

Regen Network welcomes active engagement from software developers working in blockchain, climate solutions or agricultural technology to get involved in our community driven, open-source approach to protocol design.

If this is your first time learning about Regen Network, our public Notion roadmap and whitepaper are good places to start learning about our vision and what we are currently working on.

For the more technical savvy– head straight over to our Github! There, you can clone and spin up a node, or read through some of our RFCs to get an overview of the larger feature set and architectural components of our stack.

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A Key Player in the Cosmos Ecosystem

The Cosmos SDK is the most widely used proof-of-stake based blockchain development framework in the world. It is the go-to development tool kit for creating a sovereign, energy efficient, highly secure blockchain based application. Regen Network has always had an ethos of contribution and co-creation. We now contract directly with the Interchain Foundation as the lead maintainer of the Cosmos SDK, working side by side with the rest of the cosmos ecosystem.

With the advent of IBC, any Cosmos SDK blockchain connected to the Cosmos Hub will be able to interact with the assets and ecological data on Regen Ledger. If you want to learn more about building on top of the Cosmos SDK, check out the docs, or say hello to us on the Cosmos Community Discord!

Our Involvement in Open AgricultureOur Involvement in Open Agriculture

Our Involvement in Open Agriculture

Since 2019, Regen Network has been an active member of the OpenTEAM community, a multi-year federally funded initiative for the development of an open source, interoperable, and farmer first approach to agriculture technology.

The many technology projects in OpenTEAM (ranging from FarmOS, to CometFARM, to Cool Farm Tool) meet on a weekly basis to track progress on new integrations, interoperability standards, and other collaborations.

Follow along the OpenTEAM projects that Regen Network is involved in on the OpenTEAM community Gitlab here.

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Development Updates

Join our team!

We’re always looking for new talent to join our decentralized team. Literally, we’re spread across four continents! If you’re interested in joining us at Regen Network, take a look at our job postings.

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